Senior Scientist/Group Leader

You will create research plans, execute experiments, analyze and interpret data and present results to the group and the department. She/he is expected to have a strong work ethic, excellent organizational skills and keep good records. Strong team-based communication and presentation skills will be required.

  • Lead the team to establish antibody discovery platform, such as single B cell sorting, phage display or yeast display technologies.
  • Participate in the construction of the company’s pipeline, conduct research on targets in key disease areas, set up projects and manage projects.
  • Formulate discovery strategies according to project requirements, lead the team to complete various tasks on time , report project progress and experimental results, and deliver qualified candidate antibody molecules.
  • Responsible for platform experiment plan design, summary and review of experiment reports.
  • Stay up to date with literature in antibody discovery platforms, advances in related new technologies, and broader areas that impact drug discovery research.

Education & Experience Requirements

  • PhD in biological, biomedical, medicine, and pharmaceutical sciences, or Master degree with over 5 years of experiences. familiar with the basic principles and processes of early discovery of new antibody drugs.
  • At least two antibody discovery technologies, such as single B cell clone, phage display or yeast display; independently undertake antibody discovery projects and successfully deliver candidate antibody molecules, and those who have entered the clinical stage are preferred.
  • Experience of leading technology or drug discovery projects in biopharmaceutical companies.
  • Base SuZhou.