You will create research plans, execute experiments, analyze and interpret data and present results to the group and the department. She/he is expected to have a strong work ethic, excellent organizational skills and keep good records. Strong team-based communication and presentation skills will be required.

We will consider for employment qualified applicants who are non-US citizens and will provide H1b or green card sponsorship. Support lead discovery campaigns using phage or mammalian display

  • Design, clone and express novel protein therapeutics
  • Perform screening assays for antibody lead selection
  • Transform/transfect and purify proteins/antibodies
  • Design and execute experiments to characterize novel protein therapeutics, including binding affinity, therapeutic efficacy, and mechanism of action studies
  • Support ordering and managing experiment supplies

Education & Experience Requirements

  • A minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Molecular Biology or other related fields with 2 plus years of relevant experience in industry or academia highly preferred.
  • Strong background in modern molecular biology techniques with experience in DNA preparation, primer design, cloning, PCR, sequence analysis.
  • Experience with screening platforms including ELISA and flow cytometry based assays
  • Experience with cell culture, recombinant protein production and purification
  • Ability to conceive of, and design experiments, develop assays, optimize protocols, and interpret experimental results, as well as the ability to learn and embrace new technologies quickly, work independently and communicate well with the team