You will create research plans, execute experiments, analyze and interpret data and present results to the group and the department. She/he is expected to have a strong work ethic, excellent organizational skills and keep good records. Strong team-based communication and presentation skills will be required.

  • Copywriting of relevant popular science knowledge in biopharmaceutical field and AI field.
  • New media platform content output, graphic and text typesetting.
  • Writing and beautifying enterprise samples, enterprise brochures and daily publicity pages.
  • Be responsible for checking the official website text, pictures and colors.
  • Public relations with the media to maintain the relationship with the media institutions.

Education & Experience Requirements

  • Have a deep understanding of life science or Al industry.
  • Strong creativity, high aesthetic power, strong language and character expression ability.
  • Design, shooting or video editing skills are preferred.
  • Rich media resources.