Helixon announced the successful closure of a 500 million Yuan series A funding round, led by 5Y Capital, and followed by Gaorong Capital, Neumann Capital, and three Angel investors – Xiang He Capital, GL Ventures as well as Qingzhi Capital. Helixon will continuously devote itself to AI-based new drug discovery, strengthen its team and business expansion, polish the calculating capability of its high-performance AI, improve its high throughput experiment platform, and boost its product pipelines through innovation and collaboration.

Helixon is committed to building the next-generation AI computational platform. Combined with high throughput experimental biotechniques, Helixon aims to provide an intelligent system for micro-scale molecular calculation, simulation and design. In the field of new drug development, especially for macromolecular drugs, Helixon is innovatively developing efficient machine learning algorithms and data acquisition techniques to reconstruct a brand-new process of drug discovery, which will definitely largely improve the efficiency and accuracy of drug development.

Helixon has always been pioneering in both fields of industry and scientific research since its establishment in June 2021. At present, Helixon has successfully developed multiple innovative algorithms for protein drug design and modeling, and integrated them with experimental approaches to complete an efficient closed loop of AI design/experimental verification. With a maturing experiment platform, Helixon has begun to lay out a number of product pipelines for macromolecular drugs and immunotherapy, and hopefully to apply to clinical stages very soon.

Since 2021, Helixon has been globally attracting top experts and talented young scientists in multiple fields including AI development, structure biology and diseases research. Helixon has been widely recognized by investors for the world’s leading technical strength, professional research team, and clear business positioning, therefore rewarded with a smooth funding round.

Fei Zhang, partner, 5Y Capital
“We appreciated Dr. Jian Peng for his entrepreneurship and sense of mission. He is leading an elite research team in science, algorithm and engineering from all over the world in order to build an AI-based life technology platform. 5Y Capital is honored to lead this funding round. Best wishes to Dr. Peng and Helixon in the future.”
Bin Yue, partner, Gaorong Capital
“We have been closely watching AI’s progress in macromolecule drug discovery since AlphaFold2’s emergence. We hope Helixon’s technology platform can help scientists better understand protein’s structure and interaction, facilitate the discovery of new macromolecule drugs and benefit patients.”
Jian Peng, Ph.D. Founder, Helixon
“I am grateful for the full support from 5Y Capital, Gaorong Capital, Neumann Capital and earlier investors to HeliXon. This funding round means Helixon has been highly recognized for its technology and development. We will be firmly committed to an even stronger emphasis on R&D, to advance collaboration and product pipeline development, therefore to safeguard human health with AI.”